Assassin's Creed 3 Connor Drawing смотреть ролик как сделать ассасин крид 3 ассасин крид 3 конар в тюрме

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Предлагаем вам посмотреть Do me a favour?...Mute this and open link in background : FAQ:1. Drawing of Connor Kenwayfrom Assassin's Creed 32. Actual duration: 5.4 hours3. Disclaimer: orginial art owned by Ubisoft. Recreated by me :)4. Music: Pro Scored audio content 5. Can I buy it? : (Not Available to Purchase). All my YouTube art? is available for purchase unless specified otherwise. Email me, telling me what you are interested in buying, I'll then reply with the price and terms of sale. 6. Materials/tools used? HB Mechanical Pencil, 60cm? Metal Ruler, HB Soft Charcoal Pencil, Cotton Bud (for blending), Kneaded Eraser. I also use Hard Erasers, Hard Charcoal Pencil and Compressed Charcoal in most other drawings.I think I might redo this drawing... or create some original fan art for once :)Follow me and stay updated with drawing progress, voting, give-aways and competition announcements...Facebook fanpage: Deviant ART: Twitter: в любое время дня и ночи.

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